Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The dwindling career of one of Nigeria’s leading Music Star, Azadus took another media sting recently as he was sighted in a Lagos bargaining with an Okada rider (Commercial Cyclists). Many considered the development as evidence of extreme hardship confronting the once celebrated Celeb.  In a chat with Saturday Beats Azadus is said to have explained the reason for his downturn.
“It is obvious I left Kennis because my contract with them expired and my career dwindled. When I was with Kennis Music, all hands were on deck to push my music out but now that I am on my own, everything is left to me. But the major reason I was out of the limelight was because I was attacked by armed robbers. I was shot in my neigbhourhood at FESTAC. I was away from music for over a year because I was hospitalised. That was what affected me. I could not move freely because I lost faith in the security around where I was staying. I hardly went out because I was afraid of another attack. I went through a lot of trauma.”
Addressing the broke issue, he said:
“If people think I am broke, they should come and give me money. At least I thank God that I am taking care of my family. Being broke is not a crime; it is not an offence. I don’t know when being broke became an offence in the country. I am broke and people that think they have money should come and give me money. Even Greece and some other countries were broke at a time. They went through recession. That is no news. News is talking about my music; if it is better than it was or worse. It is not about my personal life but what connects me and the world; how people feel my music. People should talk about my music and not my personal life,”

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