Monday, 27 July 2015

Emeka Ike Appealed To His Wife To Come Back After She Moved Out Of Their Home

Emeka Ike Appealed To His Wife To Come Back After She Moved Out Of Their Home 

In our previous update we brought before you a story of how Nollywood star /The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria Emeka Ike and his wife Suzanne Rero Emmanuella has been faced with domestic violence in their home , in the report  Emeka Ike’s wife filled a divorce on the ground that her husband as turned her face into a punching bag .

The couple are always having one issue or another base on domestic violence . The Nollywood actor ran into news men recently and Emeka admitted that he and his long time wife had parted way and the divorce was filled by him not Emma which is almost contrary to the initial report.

Meanwhile , she has already moved out of their matrimonial home leaving their four kids under his care .  The nollywood actor is not really happy with what is happening in his family as his home is almost up side down , though the actor has denied ever beating his wife and he said his neighbours in their form Lagos residents can attest to it.
Emeka Ike is pleading and appealing to his wife to come back home as their children are already missing her .  Emeka further said he had never touch her once not even now that their kids are grown up , he said he try to train his kids well so that when they grow up they will be responsible poeple.
According to the nollywood star, he said that the cause of their domestic fight is due to irreconcilable differences and she is trying to get unnecessary sympathy . When i showed by children the trending story of me beating their mother they said it was all lie that such thing never happened. Emeka Ike told punch
We just hope they settle their differences and reconcile so that they can both take care of their children together .


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